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This is a children's musical storytelling iPad application with character-based animation that is sure to entertain with its musical storytelling plot. It portrays the story of Chicky Dad and Chicky Mom, a married couple who lived happily with the other clan in a village called ChickyFox™.

Download this musical storytelling iPad app, a sing along driven interactive children iPad app, one filled with excitement and engages children to keep on watching. Tab the play button to start watching the full screen video and start karaoke. We guarantee that your child will fall in love with it. And so will other children!

This is a must have musical storytelling iPad app for every parents for their children.

Main Features:

★ 2 in 1 version : Two high definition videos with two different genres.

★ Photos : The best six tagline wallpapers

★ Read for me : This iPad app will read it for your children.

Main Characters :

✔ Chicky Dad

✔ Chicky Mom

✔ Chicky Chilly (The Pink One)

✔ More characters coming soon

Featured Animated Video

Want More ?

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